You need more than talent to succeed. You need more than skill. You need more than even passion. What you need (coupled with these, of course) is resilience. Without the ability to remain in uncomfortable positions, all you have are fragments of success which will become meaningless the moment you are tested. No matter who … Continue reading RESILIENCE, MY FRIEND 


The Maleness Question 

Do all males have male privilege? Does the possession of a penis afford you power in society that people without a penis do not have? I've been considering these questions this past while. And (like many of these things) the answer is complex and multifaceted. Sure, it would be easy to generalise and say, "yes, … Continue reading The Maleness Question 

Mind The Gap: How Our Media Implores us to Fix Society

The role of the media in democratizing information is second to none. But I do think being too reliant on media as our only source of information and knowledge is dangerous. Dangerous, because television, radio and print media can only go so far in educating and creating awareness for specific issues. So many issues, so … Continue reading Mind The Gap: How Our Media Implores us to Fix Society

Black Excellence: How Our Self-Hatred Impedes Progress 

The now-popular term "Black Excellence" always comes with a certain longing. In as much as accomplishments are celebrated, we lament the fact that such excellence is still the exception and not the norm. We seek a way to raise the standards of black men and women across all disciplines, knowing full well that our legacy … Continue reading Black Excellence: How Our Self-Hatred Impedes Progress