The Prostitution Argument: A Case for the Decriminalization and Regulation of Sex Work 

"Regardless of the varied opinions surrounding sex work, they give of their time and their bodies in order to be remunerated, the very same way a CEO gives of their time and their body to perform their job to the best of their ability."


What We Get Wrong About Love 

People believe many things about love: that it sometimes comes "at first sight", that having a romantic partner solves all their problems, that the initial "honeymoon phase" is the best part of the relationship, and so on. There are many things we hold true about love, but not all of them are true. Philosopher Alain … Continue reading What We Get Wrong About Love 

Ipeni (A Guest Post)

​This is a guest post by a good friend of mine and poet of note, Freboz The Poet. Enjoy!  IPENI by Freboz The Poet Ipeni,nephepha, Kudela owaziyo kuzophumani, Bhekamina nghleli ngigqolozele iphepha  Nepeni esandleni ngloku ngicinga ngicabanga Icebo elicebile ukuze ngilobe lenkondlo yakho Le eyakho Mina ngilobela wena!  Wena ohlala useduzane nami,  Obusengqondweni yami, Angisayiphathi … Continue reading Ipeni (A Guest Post)

The Depression Diaries

"Other people need patience. Other people need therapy. Other people need empathy. They might even need medication. There's nothing inherently weak or misguided about this. In fact, it requires strength upon strength to overcome debilitating fears and anxieties."