You need more than talent to succeed. You need more than skill. You need more than even passion. What you need (coupled with these, of course) is resilience. Without the ability to remain in uncomfortable positions, all you have are fragments of success which will become meaningless the moment you are tested.
No matter who you are or what you have, life rarely flows smoothly. None of us get exactly what we want, when we want it, and feel exactly the way we’d like to feel. It’s just in our nature to want, achieve, and then want more. It speaks to our propensity towards growth.
Think of it as our brains not wanting us to be entirely complacent and calling us for a higher purpose. As writer Brianna Wiest once wrote: “There is only one purpose here, and there is only one direction: growth. Whether you avoid it or ignore it, or hide from it, or remain unaware of it, or embrace it and see it and desire it and go to it before you are forced, ultimately, we all move forward. We all expand.”
As a consequence of this, we might find ourselves pursuing challenges that would seem crazy to the next person (and even to us, when we get back to our senses). Even if we’re not pursuing something wildly different from the norm, finding and sticking to our passion is hard all on its own.
We will be bored. We will be uninterested. We will dislike. We might even outright hate.
Be it a romantic relationship, writing a book or even starting a new job, we will often encounter these feelings of resistance. They’re reminding us that we’re no longer tucked safely in our comfort zones. We’re on the precipice of something much bigger than ourselves. And our brains, being the multifunctional machines that they are, want us to stop before we embarrass or hurt ourselves.
Yet, embarrassment and pain are pretty much par for the course. In any endeavour, we must prepare ourselves for a long and arduous journey. We must keep pushing and persevering through that misty time period.

We might just find success waiting for us to claim it on the other side. Who knows?


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