“What if sometimes there is no choice about what to love? What if the temple comes to Mohammed? What if you just love? Without deciding? You just do; you see her and in that instant are lost to sober account- keeping and cannot choose but to love?”-David Foster Wallace

These are questions that one wishes one could ask the homophobic citizens of our world. Love is a completely spontaneous emotion- it is one of, if not the, most unexplainable emotions humanity has. To attack the very core of it; to try and separate two people who just want to love one another; seems like an act of sheer hatred and egotism.

No one person should ever act as an authority figure, being able to choose for us the most ‘acceptable’ forms of love.

Gay rights have seen an upswing in the past twenty years. This in and of itself is admirable. Yet, popular opinion is still lodged firmly in the camp of religionists, the ones who ironically turn to science when it suits them. I opine that as long as the views on homosexuals are divided between religious fervor and the universal right to love, that there can never be true progress in our societies.

While this writer could provide numerous examples of religion hurting rather than healing our world, he would rather bring attention to the shift in attitude necessary for gay people to enjoy the exact same freedom afforded to their heterosexual brethren.

We have all felt the love characterized in the opening quote. The blind rush of feeling; the uncontrollable surge of emotions; the feeling of souls connecting. Be it in the eyes of a family member, a close friend, lover or child, it is safe to say that this sort of love is an intrinsic part of being human. We have the capacity to love beyond reason, understanding, or knowledge. It is arguably humanity’s most positive trait.

Then how, this writer asks, is it rational to refuse to afford other people the right to enjoy this transcendent feeling? Holding up ‘God Hates Fags’ signs, and insulting homosexual sex does nothing but alienate the very members of society we are trying to ‘save’.

Firstly, while this writer is not a religious person, he is very familiar with popular Christian verses. One of which was supposedly offered by Jesus- the presumed alter ego of the Christian God. It reads, ‘a new command I give you- love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.’ A wise collection of words, yet so few of the ‘devout Christians’ out there actually live by this creed. If their own belief system tells them to ‘love one another’, then why would they rather recite verses that incite hatred and ignorance? This is the question fundamentalist Christianity should ask itself.

Secondly, society needs to stop defining people over what they do in bed, assumed or not. It may be true that one of our ancestors’ primary aims was to procreate, in accordance with the evolutionary need to produce offspring. But humanity is fully evolved, in the physical sense! We are now able to derive pleasure from sex. It is no longer merely an act of procreation. So, why are we beholding the present human population (which is close to overpopulating the Earth, by the way) to the needs of apelike primates which lived millions of years ago? Such an urge still exists, to be sure, but it manifests itself in different ways, to different people.

Penis-in-vagina may be the most common type of sex- but that is only because heterosexual people outnumber homosexuals. Having an advantage on the numbers does not negate people’s needs to enjoy sexual intercourse, in whichever way pleases them. In the long run, what two people do, behind closed doors, should have zero impact on whether they receive their purely human rights, or not. Really.

Basically, the point of this long essay is to show that there is absolutely no basis for gay people to be subjected to abuse, hate crimes, and ostracization from society. We are functional, and valuable members of the world. From science to literature to entertainment to even theology we have been there, and we continue to contribute to the goodness of this world. Not only out there, but in your homes too. We are your brothers and sisters, your daughters and your sons, your cousins, your uncles, your aunts. We are actual people.

As we have given, give back to us. Let us into your homes, and into your hearts. Let us know that we are as a part of the world as you are. Do not just tolerate us, don’t just accept us- love us.


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