Connect With Your Feelings

It’s become the norm to live life unconsciously; to only see the tangible, and disregard what isn’t. We act all ‘chill’, get our hearts broken and have our loved ones die, and our retaliation? Binge-tweeting Nicki Minaj lyrics when all we want to do is cry.

Our feelings are important. In fact, they are vital towards attaining an internally positive mindset. Feeling happy or sad or angry or fearful about something (or someone) isn’t where it all ends. Examining why you feel that way, and who you are in relation to that, is step one.

What we actually do is conceal our true feelings towards a subject, person, or event. We do this to avoid argument. To chime in with the crowd. We think our feelings would be too insignificant, and will cause unnecessary trouble. But I tell you this: no feeling is insignificant. We are human beings, and sometimes we are selfish and irrational and the next negative thing. But pretending to be the epitome of virtuousness is what fucks things up. What you resist, persists. What you refuse to accept will control you.

We’re also good, though. Compassionate, caring, thoughtful. Even the most self-centered person you know has these aspects to them. They just reveal them in ways unseen to you.

We should look out for ourselves, while understanding that others are human beings, too. We bleed the same colour blood, we are made out of flesh and bone, and contrary to popular belief, we all worry about similar things. We all want to be liked. We all want to be accepted. We all want to look superior.

We can be all these things. We are all these things. But we have been conditioned to believe that we must either be one, or the other. So, we are deterred from actually attempting to be the best people we can be. We must reconcile both parts of ourselves. Part of this is feeling every emotion you are inclined to feel, but understanding that not everything has to be made public.

It is not withholding truth, but sparing others’ emotions. We can use our words to heal, or to hurt. We can choose to be alchemists, or sorcerers, at any given moment. It is up to us -and only us- to walk the road less traveled. Because, usually, harmful feelings have roots buried way beneath the surface.

Understand that some people will not like you for reasons that have nothing to do with you. You must understand it, for you also do the same to others. Often unconsciously.

Know what you feel, but also why you feel it. This will connect you to our broken world, in an almost ephemeral way.


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