The Big Myth

As humans, we inherently desire love, safety and community. It’s part of our nature. And while we do feel unsafe and experience loss from time to time, I’d like to believe that we do hope for these things, regardless. Never realizing that we had them all along.

We seek love, security and belonging, because we deserve these things, by virtue of being alive. The problem is when we attach specific requirements for happiness. Superficial pieces of metal and printed paper isn’t what we’re actually looking for. They’re just a means to an end, even though we do not realize it.

We have been disillusioned to believe that The Big Life requires all these fanciful things the media (and society, as a whole) have conditioned us to want. The expensive car, the luxury house by the beach, the six-pack or bikini bod, marriage and 2. 4 children.

There’s nothing uniquely wrong with this lifestyle. But it should not be the benchmark for ‘success’ or ‘a life well lived’. There is no benchmark, nor should there be. If you fall short of living this lifestyle, for whatever reason, it hardly makes you a failure.

The Big Life is whatever you want it to be. Instead of cynicism, hopelessness, and masking our pain under the guise of ‘realism’, we should instead seek the love, security and belonging that we so richly deserve. And the best place to start seeking is inside ourselves.

Remember one thing; no matter what you own or don’t own, what you do or don’t do, you are loved. By family (blood relatives or otherwise). Hopefully, by yourself. By the Universe, which has a much grander plan for you than you can fathom.

You belong on this planet to love, lose, grow, and be. Tomorrow isn’t promised, but this very moment; this very breath, is.

That’s a Big Life. Start living it.


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